Teen Confirmation

Teen Confirmation is designed for you who meet all of the following:

  •         Were baptized Catholic at some point between birth and age seven
  •         Are now in 10th or 11th grade
  •         Have received your First Communion
  •         Are enrolled in religious education (RE) this year and were last year as well
  •         Who have not been confirmed but want to be


If you want to complete your baptism and become a full member of the Catholic Church, contact the parish office, 409-762-9646, or theofficehfp@gmail.com



Before taking this step toward greater union with the Catholic Church, before receiving this sacrament, we ask that you have a functional literacy of the Church community.  We provide you with the basic tenets of the faith through a series of weekly classes. This is done in conjunction with our RE program. A minimum of two years of RE is required for teen confirmation.


Receiving Confirmation:

The sacrament of confirmation is conferred at special Masses by a bishop. In this archdiocese, this would be Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop Fiorenza, Bishop Joe Vasquez, Bishop Vincent Rizzotto, or Bishop Sheltz.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to provide any documentation to be confirmed?

A: We need proof of your birth date, name, baptism, etc. This typically takes the form of a copy of your baptismal certificate from the church in which you were baptized and a copy of your birth certificate.


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