Adult Confirmation

The Adult Confirmation Program is suggested for baptized Catholics who…

  • have received First Eucharist,
  • have received some Catholic education,
  • are actively practicing their faith:
    • attend Mass regularly.
    • receives Eucharist and Reconciliation regularly.
    • if married, that marriage is recognized by the Catholic Church.
  • seek the Sacrament of Confirmation,
  • are eighteen years of age or older, and are no longer in high school.

If you want to be confirmed and become a full member of the Catholic Church, contact the parish office, 409-762-9646, or


Before being confirmed we ask that you have a functional literacy of the Church community and its teachings. We provide you with the basic tenets of the faith through a series of classes.

Adult Confirmation classes have two components: proximate preparation and immediate preparation. Each of these is comprised of several classes. Prior to classes, your parish will register you for the Adult Confirmation program, to make sure you qualify, and interview you regarding your formation in the faith.

The questions covered in the interview will focus on the confirmation candidate’s understanding of the topics listed under proximate preparation classes. For those topics that a confirmation candidate understands well, he or she will be excused from the corresponding proximate preparation class. For those topics for which a confirmation candidate understanding could be better, we will ask that he or she attend the appropriate corresponding proximate preparation class.

Proximate preparation classes will take place within the parish in which you have registered. Depending on the outcome of your initial interview, you may take all, some, or none of these classes.

Proximate Preparation Classes:
Jesus Christ
Ways of Prayer
The Bible as God’s Word: Part 1 — Old Testament
The Bible as God’s Word: Part 2 — New Testament
The Creed
Sacramental Life
Liturgical Life: The Mass
Moral Formation
Communal Life
Missionary Spirit

Once the necessary proximate preparation classes have been taken and the necessary registration information gathered, Holy Family Parish will recommend you to the Regional Adult Confirmation Center of your choice for completion of immediate preparation classes. The immediate preparation classes are required for everyone who is to be confirmed as an adult.

Immediate Preparation Classes:
Sacramental Initiation, Part 1 (Baptism and Confirmation)
Sacramental Initiation, Part 2 (Eucharist)
Prayer and Spiritual Life
Moral Life and Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation
Sacrament of Confirmation: The Rite
The Church and Discipleship

A regularly updated list of Regional Confirmation Centers is available at:

Though registration is necessary, one could skip the interview and simply attend all of the classes. This is not recommended, but if a class date is coming up and you want to get started even though you have not been interviewed or registered, you could attend anyway. Feel free to join the Adult Confirmation process at any point. Once you have completed all of the necessary proximate preparation classes, Holy Family parish will recommend you to regional Adult Confirmation center of your choice for their next available immediate preparation series.

For more information on the dates that the Proximate Preparation classes will take place throughout the year or to set up a time for a registration appointment and interview contact the parish office at or 409-762-9646).

Receiving Confirmation:

The sacrament of confirmation is conferred at special Masses usually by a bishop. With the large numbers of adult confirmations in the Archdiocese, Cardinal DiNardo occasionally appoints a priest to help out by presiding at some of the confirmations.


Frequently Asked Question:


  1. Do I need to provide any documentation to be confirmed?


  1. We need a recently-made copy of your baptism certificate from the parish at which you were baptized.  Please also provide us with a copy of your birth certificate.


Q: Will my marriage have any bearing on me receiving my sacraments? 

A: If married, one who receives sacraments in the Catholic Church must have a marriage that is recognized by the Catholic Church. This typically takes place by having your marriage in a Catholic Church with a priest or a deacon as the presider. However, the Catholic Church may recognize your wedding even though it occurred outside of the Catholic Church or a Catholic church building. When the wedding has already taken place in some other setting, the Church may need to convalidate or bless the marriage first. In either case, those who were previously married to another may need to seek an annulment before pursuing a new wedding or convalidation. Please contact the parish office, 409-762-9646, or; if convalidation or annulment seems necessary, he may ask you to call the parish office to make an appointment with one of our priests or deacons.
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