Fr. Jorge Cabrera’s Biography

I’m Fr. Jorge Alberto Cabrera, my parents are active members of the Holy Ghost Catholic Church, and it was at this Parish I discovered my call to the priesthood, I got involved in the parish and I did my first retreat.

 A vocation director from Torreon Coahuila came to our Parish, after going through the process of discernment, I decided to join the Seminary in Torreon, I did all my Ecclesiasticus studies at the Santa Maria Reina Seminary.

My father’s name is Juan Cabrera and Mother Maria Cabrera, they reside in Houston and are members of the Holy Ghost Parish. I have two brothers whom are married, Carlos and Juan, Carlos lives in the State of Maryland and Juan lives in Houston Texas. I also have two sisters who are married Carmen, Glory and My sister Susana who just pass away. Carmen and Glory live Houston TX.

Since I was born in El Salvador; I was baptize there and receive the sacrament of confirmation. While in Houston I joined the youth group at Holy Ghost, that’s when I began to discover my vocation, I got involved in the retreats held at the Parish.

I attended a vocation retreat held in San Antonio TX, but never went to a retreat at the archdiocese of Galveston Houston, the vocation director from the dioceses never came to the parish in those days. And so, one time a vocation director from the diocese of Torreon Mexico came to our home Parish and I he invited me to the dioceses of Torreon Mexico, that’s why I end up joined diocese of Torreon.

 I completed my philosophical and theological studies at Santa Maria Reina Seminary.

I enjoyed my ministry, some duties as a Vicar Pastor are: formation in Christian life at small missions, administer the sacraments, pastoral of the youth, pastoral of the sick, and Families.  And I had twelve small missions.

Although I enjoyed serving the people in México I was concern with the rise of violence in that country and my parents advance in age, I decided after a process of discernment and prayer; to returned to the archdiocese of Galveston Houston.

Upon returning to Houston I was assign in 2016 to St. Katharine Drexel in Hempstead. Now I’m been assigned to the Holy Family parish in Galveston.