Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time February 10, 2019

Dearly Beloved in Christ:

The Church is mission! We are always called to go out and share the healing message of the Gospel. Our witness for Christ always begins with a recognition of our own imperfections, an openness to God’s healing, and the joy of sharing his mercy to all whom we encounter. Like Isaiah and Simon Peter, we are all called to this task – to be fishers of men! Our mission is to invite/bring others into the life-giving communion of God.

The urgency of this task rings stronger in these days as the Church deals with the crisis of the clergy sexual abuse. As aforementioned in last week’s bulletin, we are committed to responding to this scandal through: Prayer, Information and Action (please see page xxx for more information). We are members of one body, the Body of Christ. If one of us is hurting, we are all hurting (Cf. 1 Corinthians 12:26). Let us remember to pray for those who are victims of all kinds of abuses in our society and for their families. If you have been a victim of sexual/domestic abuse or know someone who is (whether presently or in the past), please do not be afraid to contact the appropriate Civil Authorities and/or the Victims Assistance Coordinator for the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Ms. Diane Vines (at or confidential voicemail 713-654-5799).

In the end, love will conquer evil. It is by multiplying goodness that we will stifle out the stench of evil. St. Paul’s encouraging words are appropriate here: “Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Our upcoming annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration (March 16 and 17) is one way to spread good cheer and to promote love and harmony in our community. We have exciting prizes for this year’s winners. The raffle tickets are now on sale. Please get yours and mark your calendars for this great parish event (more details on page xxx).

We thank all those who have donated to this year’s Steps4students 5k Run/Walk campaign in support of Holy Family School and Catholic Education as a whole. We invite you to join us for the 5k run/walk this coming Saturday, February 16th at the Co-Cathedral, Downtown Houston. To register and for more information about this event, visit or contact the school.

We are one Holy Family parish, united in the joy of the Holy Spirit and in charity, as missionary disciples.


In Christ’s love,


Fr. Jude Ekenedilichukwu Ezuma