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NOVEMBER 27, 2016


Legion of Mary (spanish) (small conference room)


Priest Perspective

Ladies & Gents,

Are you already tired of Christmas music? Have you already put out all of your Christmas decorations? Did you finish all of your holiday shopping on “black Friday” or will by the end of “cyber Monday”?

Or maybe you are hungry for something more traditional or a season that is just a little more sacred? If you fall in that last category, I’ve got just the deal for you. It’s the bargain of the century and promises a return on your investment. And no, it isn’t a gift you have to buy for someone else. It’s just a good old fashioned Catholic practice that will cost you nothing and promises to actually bring a gift to you at its conclusion. Its called Advent.

Yes…Advent. It’s free. It’s old fashioned (far older than that Santa stuff). And honestly, these days you would be rather unique if you celebrated it fully. You see, it begins this weekend. It runs for 4 weeks. It’s a run up to Christmas; a conditioning season that promises to have you ready for the big night-Christmas! You don’t have to swipe a card or cook a thing to participate. Every parish longs for willing participants and is ready to teach you the ropes.

But if you are just a “consumer” as the economists say, then “black Friday” and “cyber Monday” may be enough for you to get ready for Christmas. But if you want more, something sacred, something holy, something of deep benefit to you: try Advent.

It promises to be a deep breath of fresh air in an otherwise frantic “season of greetings”. Try it and see how it works this year. I, for one, am going to dive head first into the deep end of Advent. Join me, please.

peace and good,

fr. richard