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DECEMBER 4, 2016


Bereavement Committee Christmas (cafeteria)


Virgin De Guadalupe Feast (cafeteria)


Priest Perspective

Dear People of God,

I first want to thank all those who made possible our wonderful Parish Christmas Party this weekend a huge success. Thanks to all who gave their time, talent, and treasure to help the whole parish celebrate Christmas together.

Next week on December 8th-11th we will have our first English speaking men’s Acts retreat. We are still taking signups for this retreat. This is a great opportunity for you to jump start your year on a spiritual high and to continue your journey closer to our Lord that is indeed coming among us.

As we celebrate the Second Sunday of Advent we struggle to prepare for the coming of Christ in the manger. This time of Advent is one of great excitement and joy!!! But maybe for some, a time of confusion and sadness. Advent is a great time to see where Christ is in your life and see if more room needs to be made for Him. Sometimes we try to struggle alone in our sin, sadness, and other trials. Why not invite that baby into the situation??? That’s why He came, so that He could be your God and mine!!! May God the Father bless you with many happenings in your spiritual journey to the crib on that Holy Night!!!

May the Christ Child Bless you abundantly,

Fr. Orrin